Best LMS Systems

Best LMS Systems

There are numerous LMS systems to choose from. This software is also called Learning Management Systems and are available to course vendors and educators looking to place their courses online. There are plenty of options available. These are some of the best learning management system available for educators and course vendors to use for their online courses.

You can click on "try the demo" to see how test out their LMS.

Academy of Mine

This software is technically not a free option. However, they offer more services that some of the free options don’t offer. You cannot sell your course if you decide to go with the free option. Your course can be offered, but you cannot make money from it. This option allows you sell as well as make money from it. Their services pay for your small monthly fee many times over. For example, if it costs you $100, they make you $3,000. They help their clients make thousands of more dollars on a monthly basis. You also keep 100 percent of your enrollment sales.


This is a free web application for educators. It is probably the most popular one on the market today. Moodle is constantly being upgraded and developed. However, you may need to hire third parties to help you customize the platform. They can also help you accomplish your educational needs. It still may cost you some money even though it is a free web application.


LRN was originally developed at MIT. It is pronounced “dot learn”. This software is used worldwide by over half a million users in higher education, K-12, non-profit, and government. LRN has a lot of great teaching tools. These tools include file storage, syllabus, surveys, evaluations, grading, calender, assessment, forums, and much more.


This software offers a “freemium”. The core of their software is open source. However, their hosted solutions cost between $85.00 to $1,990.00 a month.


Dokeos is another open source learning platform. There are course authoring tools and pre-built quiz templates. You can go their “videos” page to see a list of their tutorials if you are on their website. The “videos” page will show you how to use their PHP based platform. This will also give you a glimpse into how the course admin back-end looks.


Sakai is another open source option. Community members share thousands of interactions. They help build and improve the software as well as collaborate on projects. These members enjoy the relationships that result from this work.


This option allows you to see a functioning demo of their Learning Management System on their website. There are plenty of great features and a lot of functionality. This option is constantly being improved and updated as well.